How To Make And Use An Ita Bag [Latest Guide To Decorate An Ita Bag]

Before you know about how to make an ita bag you need to be aware of the fact that these bags can be really helpful to carry with all of your favorite anime themed items. Therefore, what needs to be taken into account before your diy ita bag is to keep it simple first and then add on items as you get comfortable. So, consider this as an itabag guide.

The most important of all is the choice of the material for your ita bags. Make your ita bag ideas are practical as well where the straps, linings and cover. Next thing you need to know on how to make an ita bag is the 2 key styles that you need to choose from. You can either go for a ita tote bag or an ita backpack. Both of these have their own pros and cons. A tote bag while being great on space and keeping your items inside and outside but they lack on comfort as they have a single shoulder carry. The ita backpack design has a more comfortable carrying design. Lastly, the decision for the color of your ita bag should be based on the color of your character or item so give an overall aesthetic and unified look.

How To Make An Ita Bag Using An Insert

Once you’ve decided the style of your ita bag you now need find a bag with a clear open window on one side. On how to make an ita bag insert using insert, you will need:

  • Safety Pins
  • Your Favorite Character merchandise
  • Plastic Mesh or Cardboard
  • Fabric and Glue

What you now need to do is to cover the clear plastic opening with a plastic mesh or cardboard insert. Cardboard will lack the flexibility of the mesh so a recommended choice as base for the ita bag foam is mesh, for durability. The color scheme is totally your choice. Now trace whatever the design on the plastic opening is on the mesh and then take it out from your ita bag insert. Now use that traced pattern to put your choice of fabric to its background.

Put that fabric along the traced lines on the mesh and then cut the rough and uneven edges by putting it inside the bag and trimming it thoroughly according to the dimensions. Once these dimensions are in place make sure to glue everything firmly and secure all edges because any changes to your diy ita bag after you’ve decorated it would be a difficult task.

How To Decorate An Ita Bag

Once everything is in place and on how to put things in itabag you need to take out your fabric board making sure the edges of the plastic opening are visible so that any item placed outside the border is not hidden. It is up to your imagination and interests now on how you decorate your ita bag with different ita bag patterns and pin.

You can now start placing the character pins, stickers and whatever your ita bag ideas are in place and to secure them you can sew them to the board, covering the hanging threads with glue. Make any design your own and to give your ita bag a one final touch, all you need is a bright colors ita bag light. Once this is all in place you can simply and carefully put the foam back into the insert and then you’re good to go.


This is a very comprehensive ita bags tutorial with a complete itabag guide so that you can express your fandom in the best and the most unique way possible. Also, you can always upgrade your insert by simply adding and removing the previous items so that you stay up to date.

That is it for this post and we’re glad that now you know that how to make an ita bag of your own. For custom made ita bags with all the trendy designs and other accessories, feel free to visit our website.

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